Example Questions

Verbal Reasoning

New is the opposite of old; therefore wet is the opposite of….

Answer is E

Quantative Reasoning

Which is the next number in the sequence

Answer is C

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Which shape is missing from the big square?

Answer is D

Spatial Reasoning

Look at the shape below the options given. In which shape will the target shape fit into?

Answer is B

The Process

1. You will receive a piece of paper that looks like this with your name on.

2. The login screen looks like this. This is where you type the number given to you.

3. You will see the tests that you need to complete. Start with the first one.

4. When you are done, all the tests will show a green tick.


You are not being tested on how much you know.

It is about how you learn so that you can have the correct support

Please think carefully about your answers and don’t just click!

Further Information:

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