Introduction to Coding : Program The Bot

Lesson Objective: Coding introduction

Put together a sequence of arrows to move a robot around a grid.

Click and drag the direction arrows (using the mouse) to the sequence grid


Yellow – Left

Green – Right

Blue – Up

Red – Down

Task: Use the arrow keys to direct the robot towards tyhe given shape

Click Here To Play Program The Bot (Original)

Video Instructions

Success Criteria

1. Success : I can score 10 points or more

2. Super Success : I can score 20 points or more and understand that I am putting together a sequence of instructions

3. Off the planet success : I can also play one of the extra challenges below

Game Variations / Extra Challenge

Click here to play Program The Bot : Additions

Click here to play Program The Bot : Make Words

Socrative Plenary

If you are attending the live sessions, you will be asked to tell me how you did.

Room Name : XFUTURE

Next Steps : Have a go at Code Monkey Jr Hour of Code

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