Word Processing Quick Test

Using a Word Processor to Type a poem

In this lesson, we will use a Word Processor (MS Word or Google Docs) to write write a poem, “I’m a Little Cat”

Lesson Objective: Use a word processor to type a poem, change font type, colour and size. 20 minute test

Lesson Outcome: Use a word processor to copy the poem, “I’m a Little Cat.”

Unplugged option: Use paper and pen to write a story

Key Word Processing Skills

  • Change font type, size, colour
  • Using the Enter key
  • Checking for spellings and grammar (red and blue squigly lines)
  • Align text Left / Centre / Right
  • Adding pictures

The Big Picture

What have we done? We have a some practice using a word processor

What are we doing? We are having a short test to show our word processing skills (using MS Word or Google Docs)

Where are we going? We will expand on our use of application skills


To start : Open MS Word or Google Docs

1. Important : Write your name at the top of the page

2. Type the following poem

3. Make sure that you are using the correct punctuation

4. Change each line to a different font type, colour and size

5. Add an online picture at the end and resize the picture

The Scoring / Success Criteria

Students will get mark out of 5

5 points – The whole poem is typed, punctuation is correct and every line has a different font type, colour and size

4 points – Nearly all of the text is typed, punctuation is mostly correct. There is some evidence of change of font type, colour and size

3 points – Part of the poem has been typed and there are spelling mistakes. A little attempt has been made to change font type, colour or size

2 points / 1 points – No effort is made

A 20 minute countdown

If there is time at the end of the lesson……..

…….we will watch an E-Safety video

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