The Typing Test

Learning Objective : Recognise the keyboard as an input device and be able to type it as fast as we can.

Learning Outcome : Students have 15 minutes to type as many words as they can from the given online game.

Skills : Typing and Keyboard, using letters, backspace and enter keys.

The Big Picture

What have we done? We have already been playing Type and Learn on Digipuzzle

What are we doing? We are going to have a final test to see how fast we are

Where are we going? We will move on after this and start learning online coding

The one that we have chosen is…………

Type and Learn : Animals

The Scoring / Success Criteria

Students will get mark out of 5

40 to 50 words – 5 points

25 to 40 words – 4 points

10 to 25 words – 3 points

Up to 10 words – 2 points

Let’s have a nice 15 minute countdown

If there is time at the end of the lesson……..

…….we will watch an E-Safety video

Media balance is important

by Common Sense Education

Review Question : Name 5 things that you can do that does not include going online.

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