E-Safety : What Can Parents Do?

It is important that parents play an active role in ensuring that their children stay safe online. This starts with active dialogue but it is also important to look out for some key signs.

Get involved, have a healthy dialogue with your child / students about their day and social media.

• Pay attention to any changes in your child’s behaviour, especially if they become reserved, withdrawn, or fearful of social media

• Consider contacting your child’s school. If your child has engaged with anything suspicous, other students might be engaging with it too

• Urge your child to report any misbehaviour they encounter online and on social media

• Teach your child to keep private things private, especially on the internet. If they are struggling, encourage your child to confide in you, a family member, or a trusted adult

• Remember that “loving” your child means taking actions that may make your child not “like” you at times

• It’s okay to take your child’s phone, search through it and make sure they are interacting with people you know (and in a way that’s healthy).

Image from Pixabay

Common Sense Media Reviews of movies, videos and games

Common Sense Media: Age-Based Media Reviews for Families

Check if movies and games are suitable for your children at Common Sense Media

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