Parts of a Computer : Keyboard Practice

Using an input device : the keyboard

Play Construct a Monster on Digipuzzle

The keyboard is a part of a computer which helps us to type words.

It is an input device because we are feeding information to the computer.

Learning Objective : Recognise the keyboard as an input device and be able to use it as fast as we can.

Learning Outcome : Play Construct a Monster on Digipuzzle, typing as many words as possible so that the student can make a monster

Skills : Typing and Keyboard, using letters, backspace and enter keys.


The Big Picture

What have we done? We have already been playing Type and Learn on Digipuzzle

What are we doing? We are going to recocgnise that a keyboard is an input device

Where are we going? We will recognise other parts of a computer, input and output, storage and processing devices.

Why Construct a Monster?

Because the student gets an opportunity to use 2 types of input device, a keyboard and a mouse.

Click here to play Construct a Monster Typing Game

How to play: Type the word that appears, e.g. start. Press Enter.

Enter key

Each correct word will light up a star

3 lit stars will light up a part of a monster

Use the mouse to construct the monster

Success Criteria

Type as many words as you can

1. Recognise the keyboard as an input device

2. To use Enter to move to the next word and backspace to delete

3. To be fast on the keyboard and light up all the stars

Type and Learn

Digital X Future’s E-Safety Section

3 Rules when using the Internet

  1. Ask your parents first
  2. Only talk to people you know
  3. Stick to places just right for you

Socrative Plenary

If you are attending the live sessions, you will be asked to tell me how you did.

Room Name : XFUTURE

Teachers Question : You can write anything about the lesson. It is your chance to feedback to the teacher.

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