Remote Learning : Top 10 Tips

National Online Safety #WakeUpWednesday

This week, the topic is how to stay safe online. 10 Top Tips.

I like these tips on how to stay safe online.

Source: National Online Safety

National Online Safety | Keeping Children Safe Online in Education

1. Treat remote learning the same as classroom learning

2. Use Classroom language

3. Take regular screen breaks

4. Always conduct video learning in an open space at home

5. Only communicate though approved school portals and platforms

6. Stick to the teacher rules and guidlines around online learning

7. Dress in school uniform

8. Don’t share passwords or other sensitive information

9. Don’t use school platforms to discuss personal matters

10. Look after your mental health and wellbeing

Here is the original poster

Every Wednesday, National Online Safety website publish a new guide which is relevant to today. Please have a look.

E-Safety Guides #WakeUpWednesday

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