Social Media Scams

National Online Safety #WakeUpWednesday

Published 15th September 2021

This week’s free online safety guide focuses on social media scams, it takes a look at a number of risks such as phishing scams, untrustworthy URLs and ‘payment first’ scams.

Source: National Online Safety

National Online Safety | Keeping Children Safe Online in Education

Watch out for the following:

Clickjacking for fake rewards

Malicious app downloads

‘Payment first’ scams

Threats disguised as quizzes

Untrustworthy URLs

Angler phishing scams

Advice for Parents and Carers

Set strong passwords

Review your privacy settings

Protect your personal information

Avoid opening suspicious emails

Choose trusted download sources

Install anti-virus software

Here is the orginal poster

Every Wednesday, National Online Safety website publish a new guide which is relevant to today. Please have a look.

E-Safety Guides #WakeUpWednesday

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