PASS – GL Testing for Schools

PASS takes the guesswork out of understanding why pupils may be reluctant, disengaged or even disruptive learners by sensitively exploring social and emotional wellbeing. It also provides interventions and guidance so you can start to address issues immediately.

How do you feel about school, your teachers and yourself?

There are no right or wrong answers and you are not given a mark.

You must answer as honestly as possible.

If you don’t understand a word or question, ask the teacher to explain it to you.

Take your own time


Your school is not testing how much you know.

The school is checking how you feel about learning

PASS 1 – Up to Year 2

There were 27 questions and they required a Yes or No answer

  1. I think carefully about my work
  2. I like getting on with my work in class
  3. I know how to work things out in lessons
  4. I think this school is a friendly place
  5. I want to come to school every day
  6. I like doing tests
  7. I feel lonely at this school
  8. Most of the time I think my teacher wants me to do my best
  9. I behave well in class
  10. I like having hard things to do in class
  11. I like to think in my lessons
  12. I know how to learn things
  13. I find learning hard
  14. I have friends in my school
  15. I find school work too hard
  16. I am bored when I’m in school
  17. I am happy in school
  18. I like being at school
  19. I can usually work things out when I get stuck
  20. I need more help with my work
  21. I find it easy to learn new things
  22. I like my teacher
  23. I like being in this school
  24. I am clever
  25. I think the work in my lessons is too easy
  26. I try to do my best in my lessons
  27. I like to try new work in my lesson

PASS 2 – Year 2 Upwards

All 50 Questions

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