Making a Blog in the Lesson

Best Learning Practice

I am in the lesson with some Year 4 students. We are going to write a blog and publish it before the lesson finishes.

The topic: What can we do to help us with our learning?

Persitance – if it isn’t working, it will eventually

Perseverance – let’s see this through

Resiliance – let’s believe in ourselves

Work hard – because it will pay off

Work together and work as a team

If you see a friend in need, give them some help

Never be afraid to try new things

Never give up – like Mo Salah

Be respectful to all of our friends and teachers and everyone around the world

If you are stuck, ask anyone who is here for help

Always share our ideas to our friends, colleagues and teachers

From Pixabay

The above picture was also chosen by the Year 4 students (whilst also learning that all pictures should be copyright free).

Thank you so much.

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